Wild Sage Farms


Walk the property

Bike rides

Visit the animals

Golf (nearby)

Float the river (nearby)

Outdoor soaking bath & shower (coming soon)

Reiki (coming soon)

Retreats (coming soon)

Aromatherapy, tea/herb/medicine garden (coming soon)


Wild Sage Wellness

Caleigh is a Masters prepared Registered Nurse with an HBA in Psychology who has been working in education and on her PhD concurrently for the past several years.

After completing a full chapter of various acute care and nursing education roles, she is delighted to have earned a certification in holistic nursing and nurse coaching (CHNNC). This new role allows her to use her various experiences in a beautiful way. A background in psychology, public health, critical and urgent care nursing, clinical and theory based education, and academic research allows Caleigh to bring an authentically holistic approach to all of the projects and events offered at the farm and through her practice. She believes in supporting people to create solutions toward their personal wellness that honours their unique selves. Her approach is rooted in acceptance, genuineness, and empathy; progress over perfection; and creating a supportive and healing environment. There are plans to offer holistic wellness services and events on the farm and in collaboration with other wellness professionals in the near future.